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Spring Walks

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Spring has started and it appears that the good weather has too. Everyone has their favourite pastimes; the light nights and warmer weather enables me and many others to enjoy one of mine - Dog Walking.

Although daily dog walks are part of everyone's routine; to me there is a big difference from walking round the local streets and a trip to nearby woodland, beach or other rural setting.riggs and jess

Personally, I enjoy the woods. I don’t know what it is specifically about the setting that I enjoy most but I do love the woodland smells, the shaded light and the overall feeling of being contained by the wood skyscrapers. In a previous life I could well have been one of Robin’s merry men!

The walk is not just for me, as such it is important that the feeling of joy is reciprocated by my Dog Riggs.  As you can see him and Jess look fairly happy. (Excuse the alien eyes)


Just last weekend I was able to take advantage of some spare time and Riggs and I walked Penyghent in the Yorkshire Dales. I love the slight challenge that goes with a walk like this; you actually feel as if you have achieved something at the end.

riggs pg1


On a personal note, I am delighted I can complete activities like this with Riggs, as he has already had two operations in his short life; the first of these left him paralysed for a number of days.

I am very much of the opinion that a short exciting life would be far greater than a longer one with seldom enjoyment. I know that if Riggs could answer, he would also say the same. There is nothing he likes more than running around in the countryside, especially if his best friend Jess can be there too.


Myself and Gill would love to know the walks that you suggest others should try. Peoples circumstances are all different. Some have more time than others, people all have different fitness levels and even our dogs  have different needs.


It would be fantastic to hear some variety; where can you take a dog that is not fantastic with other dogs? What about a full day out with the family? How about a short walk that is convenient but has all the ingredients of a lovely rural ramble?

In weeks and months to come, Oakwood will be running weekend social walks; aimed at people who have social dogs. You will be able to ask training questions on the move in a real life setting and also mix and mingle with like minded people.

Hopefully we will have plenty of walks and routes with the help of you.


All the best, Steve.


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