Puppy Training!

The first 12 months of a dogs life are hugely important. If you want to get things right start with a Puppy Training Course to build a solid foundation for your pups future.

New puppy? These classes will put you and your pup on the same page. You’ll learn how to use positive reinforcement training to teach your dog how you want him to behave, and gentle but effective ways to discipline when he doesn’t. You’ll also learn how to avoid future behavior problems. And you’ll both have plenty of fun in the process!

Topics include: Basic manners, solving problems like jumping and chewing, and how to teach your dog sit, down, stay, come and polite leadwalking.

Our puppy classes are suitable for: Pups 8-16 weeks


What you will get from our puppy training:

  • 6 weeks of training (Week 1, without puppies to answer all your questions)
  • Degree qualified trainers who will support you throughout the 6 weeks
  • A family friendly training environment with complimentary refreshments
  • Access to our members area on our website with lots of useful information and tips
  • Our online Puppy training course, with weekly videos/handouts (worth ¬£29.99)
  • Our Ebook (worth ¬£4.99) '12 Steps to the Perfect Dog'

Our comprehensive course covers:

  • Responding to their name
  • Eye contact and attention
  • 'Leave it' and 'Take it' 
  • Toilet Training
  • Play Biting
  • Handling and Restraint including nail clipping - to make vets and grooming trips easier
  • 'Sit'
  • 'Down'
  • 'Stand'
  • 'Settle' - so you can relax at home without a puppy jumping all over you
  • Control through a Doorway - to make going out for walks much easier
  • 'Stay'
  • Walking on a Loose Lead - to make your walks more enjoyable
  • Recall - so you can have your pup off lead safely
  • Greeting People without Jumping Up - so you don't get muddy clothes
  • Taking Food without Snatching - so you don't lose your fingers :-)


Following the latest government guidelines group sessions are starting up again! Group sessions take place at set times each week and are 1 hour long. For the latest start dates of the group sessions, please visit the Shop section of our site. 

You may also choose to attend our puppy course on a 121 basis. The 121 course will take place through 30 minute sessions with you, your puppy and your trainer at our centre on Sutton Fields. This is 6 x 30 minute sessions that can be booked as and when you please. 

If you would like to book a puppy course at our centre, please visit our Contact Us page, message us on Facebook or call on 01482 823555

If you would prefer to receive your training via online content rather than in person, please see our Oakwood Online page for further details.