OLD Benefits of Socialisation

How to create a reliably social, friendly, confident dog

There was once a time when you rarely encountered the word “socialisation” in dog circles. Today it’s the new training buzzword; and critically important dog owners understand about socailisation in order to create a well behaved dog they can take anywhere. For the most part dogs wandered freely in their neighborhoods, accompanied kids to the school bus stop, hung out with canine pals all day, and became naturally socialised to their world and the people, dogs, and things they encountered in their daily travels.

Socializing Your Dog or Puppy

Socialisation is about teaching your puppy that new situations are good and exciting not scary. Behavioral scientists have identified the period from 4 to 14 weeks as the most important window of time for a puppy’s social development. After the age of 14 weeks that window starts to close, and it closes pretty quickly. If a pup is super-socialised during this important developmental period he’ll most likely believe the world is a safe and happy place. If he’s not well-socialised, he’s likely to be neophobic, which means fearful of new things. It is challenging to own and train a dog who is afraid of everything new he encounters; worse, the neophobic canine is also a strong candidate for developing fear-related aggression.

Lack of exposure to new things is one cause of undersocialisation. Attending Puppy Playgroups allows our trainers to teach you what is good play, whats not good play, when to intervene and how to intervene.

Socialising your puppy is about introducing them to new things, new people, new dogs and new situations. Once they have met a person or dog then further introductions to these people and dogs is no longer socialisation, so you need to find new people and dogs for your puppy to meet.

Gone are the days we can 'let them sort it out themselves' assuming of course the dog your puppy is interacting with is a well balanced, well trained dog. If not, what do you think your puppy will learn.