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Looking for some helpful training tips? Are you struggling with a specific behaviour? Our E-books may be just the thing for you. 

What to expect in our E-books

Each book will cover a specific training exercise or behaviour. Information is provided surrounding the topic as well as exercises for you engage in with your dog. These books are intended to be short guides to aid with ongoing training and are roughly 10-20 pages long. 

Why E-books?

This format allows us to give our existing clients and anyone else interested in learning more about specific behaviours to have quick and easy access to training tips and tricks. Read your E-book on your phone, PC, tablet or even print it out. 

Below you will find our vast range of E-books, all covering different topics. Each book is written by our head behaviour councillor George Rooke who will guide you through the ins and outs of training exercises and dog behaviours.


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When purchasing an E-book our staff will receive your order and will send your product via email within 24hours. 

All E-books are sent to you as a PDF which you can download directly from your email. 

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