Puppy Class Week 2

We hope you enjoyed the second week of your puppy course. Below are links for relevant hand-outs and your week 2 resource pack.

Week 2 Resource Pack

Socialisation & Puppy Play

Socialisation needs to be at the top of your list in terms of teaching your puppy at this stage. Keep attending play sessions and encouraging them to interact with the big wide world!

We recommend to get the most from your puppy, in addition to attending the training classes you also attend at least once per week our Puppy Playgroups.
Click here for more information about puppy play!

Puppy Play Styles

Making the Most of Puppy Socialisation

Importance of Socialisation


Remember Practice makes Permanent - the more you practice the better but only if you are teaching your puppy to do the exercise correctly.
See our blog posts for information surrounding this topic and more!


Focus and Attention

Loose Lead Walking

Handling and Restraint