OLD Puppy Course Week 1

We hope you enjoyed your first week of your puppy course. Below are links for relevant hand-outs and your week 1 resource pack.

Week 1 Resource Pack

Pre-Class Introductory Information

 Toilet Training Play-Biting  Socialisation 

Toilet Training

Crate Training

8 Week House Training Programme 
 Puppy Play-Biting

Making the Most of Puppy Socialisation 

Importance of Socialisation






Breed Traits and Tendancies

Homework - Getting Ready for Week 2dog with kong

For the rest of your puppy course (weeks 2-6) please bring:

  • Your puppy(!)
  • Bed/blanket
  • Food Bowl
  • Brush
  • Toy
  • Plenty of small tasty treats (chicken, ham, liver, cheese, sausage etc.)

You may not need all of these things every week but it is best if you ensure you have them incase.  Also remember not to feed your puppy their last meal before class on the day of class (e.g. if your class is at 6.00pm, don't feed your puppy tea)