OLD Puppy Course Week 3

We hope you enjoyed week three of your puppy course. Below are links for relevant hand-outs from this weeks class.

You will also receive an email this week asking you for feedback on the course so far. Gill, the Owner of Oakwood, is very keen that all our clients get the best possible service so please do take some time to complete the feedback form that will be emailed to you over the next few days.


Food Manners

Greeting People without Jumping Up

Resource Guarding/Possession Aggression - How to Prevent it!








Free Creche Day - As part of our commitment to helping our clients to create socialised, well balanced dogs we offer a free day in our creche facility. Where you puppy can socialise, play with and interact with other sociable, well balanced dogs. Click here to find out more about our day creche and how to claim your free day.

How to get your dog to do what you want - Motivation is one of the most powerful tools we can use when training a dog and it works from house training to recall. Over time you will learn what things your dog loves, whether it is off lead play with other dogs or a tasty treat/playing with their favourite toy. These can all be used within your motivational training. 

Considering the motivator is the key to getting the most from your dog. Different breeds have different innate drives. Don’t expect to take a hunting breed to the local park and not have them chase the birds and rabbits. Click here to visit our blog page to read the full article about motivation.