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It’s Not All About the Dog

Effective dog training is every bit as much about working with and supporting dog owners as it is working with dogs. Our trainers support their human clients in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to enjoy the best behaved dog possible.

We want you and your dog to have a great time. And we want you to see change — in your dog’s behavior and in your understanding and enjoyment of him. That’s what our training sessions are all about.

Why Choose Oakwood Canine Services for your Dog Training?

Only positive training techniques are used (no physical punishment is found here at Oakwood).
The largest and most highly qualified team of trainers in the area
All trainers are have degrees in animal behaviour. (or are working towards their degree)
Basic obedience and good manners for your puppy or recently adopted adult dog.
Behavior modification training to address issues such as fear, anxiety, or aggression.
Open 7 days a week, with 7 full time dog trainers to meet your busy schedule.
Training plans designed to accommodate your busy schedule.
Training is effective and fun!
Techniques that are easy to understand and apply and that you can practice any time your dog is with you!

We incorporate best practices in dog training, using behavior modification, socialisation and positive reinforcement techniques to keep your dog happy, safe and well-behaved.  We work with our client dogs on challenges ranging from lead aggression to shyness to basic obedience and puppy socialisation.
Our training plans are designed to help you build a relationship with your dog based on trust and kindness.
We believe developing a better behaved dog should be fun for both dog and owner and strengthen their bond

In order to achieve this for you and your dog we offer the following services:-

  • Classes for puppies and older dogs - Basic Manners, Loose Lead Walking, Recall, Advanced Puppy Training, Kennel Club Awards and Agility.
  • 121 training for dogs & owners that have specific needs such as lead reactivity, aggression to other dogs or people, problems when left alone and everything in between.
  • Playgroups - For dogs and owners that want to have fun whilst socialising their dogs.
  • Real Life Walks and Training Sessions - to help you apply the skills you learn out in the big wide worldMisty Bronze Certificate Presentation